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30 Cleaning Hacks To Get Your Home Squeaky Clean Without Too Much Effort

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These are some cleaning tips you wish you had always known.

Do you spend all your time cleaning your home? Thousands of Americans are finding themselves deep cleaning day after day as the Coronavirus threat looms over our heads. However, even as cleaning is a priority now, there's a better way to handle this hectic task without spending hours on it. We have compiled a comprehensive list of tricks and tips you can use to resolve even the most time-wasting cleaning tasks. These tips save you lots of money, time, and frustration.

But there's a catch – you are going to need a ton of vinegar! However, spending less time worrying about all of those germs since you've got them out with these cheap, easy and time-saving cleaning hacks is worth it.

Give your keyboard a good scrub

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If you are anything like myself, you spend a ton of time at your desktop or laptop, typing away, and sure, we rarely know that these keys are hubs of germs. In truth, a 2018 study tested a host of keyboards and discovered almost every strain of bacteria in these keys. This inevitably means that disinfecting your keyboard should be a part of your cleaning process. But there's good news. You can disinfect your keyboard in seconds with just a toothbrush and vinegar. Simply soak your toothbrush in a half-water, half-vinegar solution, and carefully clean between and around your keys to get rid of germs.

Microwave your kitchen sponges


We use our kitchen sponges to clean a wide range of things around the kitchen, from dishes to countertops and even the sink. However, sponges can become hubs of germs quickly, especially if you leave them in the sink. According to a 2017 research, you might be spreading bacteria around your kitchen than actually mopping them away. The solution? Place a dampened sponge in the microwave and heat it at full power for 90 seconds to get rid of almost all kinds of germs. Now, wait for a minute or two before using them as they might be pretty hot.

Get rid of hard to clean spots in your microwave by steaming.

man microwaving water

That fantastic dinner you had, left a bit of stuck-on mess in your microwave and might take a lot of the scrubbing to get it off. Fortunately, you don't have to scrub your hearts out. Simply place a bowl of hot water inside and heat the microwave for 5 minutes. As the steam from the water finds its way around your microwave, it will loosen every grimy spot and make it easier to clean your microwave by wiping alone.

Fix your grimy coffee pot with denture tablets

Denture tablets aren't just meant to your dentures; they also have a fantastic lot of uses around your home. With denture tablets, you can still hang on to that old coffee pot you love so much. Just pop a few pills into where the water goes, wash a couple of times in your dishwasher, and it will be in tip-top shape inside out.

Disinfect your coffee maker

coffee maker

Because coffee is a big part of our daily habits, we might not be cleaning it as much as possible. According to a study in 2015, our coffee makers can become hotbeds of germs and bacteria, which means we are probably ingesting a lot of mess with our favorite brew – yuck!

Luckily, you can get rid of that icky spot by filling it with a mixture of four tablespoons of white vinegar and water. Afterward, wash with water repeatedly until you get rid of the smell of vinegar.

Remove water stains with vinegar

If you have water stains in your drinking glass, then you need vinegar for it too. Mix a 50/50 solution of equal parts water and vinegar in your glass and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Once you've let the vinegar solution work its way through the stains, scrub with a toothbrush and rinse – it's so easy.

Clean pans with dryer sheets

Having stuck-on grime in our frying pans or cookie sheets can be a sore point, but it shouldn't be. Simply soak them in warm water, soap, and a dryer sheet for about two hours and rinse afterward. Your pans will sparkle as good as new.

Potato your skillets

Potatoes aren't always for eating; they can be cleaning devices too, especially for cherished cast iron skillets. Worry no more about ruining them with a soapy wash by using potato instead. Simply rub some coarse salt all over your skillet and scrub with potatoes until the entire mess comes off.

Use baking sodas to eliminate scratches from your plates.

Nothing looks as bad as scratched plates, but we often have them. Make your dishes a pleasant sight again by buffing with a paste of water and baking soda. When you rinse them, you won't find any scratches still.

Rhubarbs works just like soap on burnt food.

You can replace your dish soap with rhubarb for cleaning burnt food off your pans and pots. Just boil some rhubarb sticks and water in the pan for about 5 minutes. Let the temperature for a few minutes before washing with a scrubber sponge, and the mess should come off quickly.

Blenders clean on their own if you the know-how

If only we could do without cleaning our blenders, our lives could be a lot simpler. There's nothing more treacherous than trying to clean a "bowl of knives" and hoping that some don't turn your hands into a meaty toast. But it's too easy to clean them. Simply add baking soda, dishwasher soap, and warm water into your blender and turn on for a few seconds. Afterward, run it through your machine or simply rinse with water, and that's all you need.

Lemons clean smelly garbage disposals

Garbage disposals don't smell awful, even if they deal with an untold number of things we put into them. Fortunately, you can clean them easily by dropping some cut lemons down the drain to give them a refreshing aroma.

Lemons work on your cutting boards too.


Getting rid of challenging stains from your wooden boards is never as easy as you would with their plastic alternatives. However, there's a way out. Simply scrub away with salt and lemon for a few minutes. Allow the paste solution to sit for a few minutes and rinse off with water, and all those stains will disappear.

Get rid of molds and mildews with alcohol.

Vodkas aren't just good for making good martinis; you can use them in your bathroom too. Mix another 50/50 solution containing water and vodka in a spray bottle and sprinkle over those mildew spots around your bathroom. Allow that mixture to sit for about 10 minutes, and the alcohol will kill the growth quickly.

Use Kool-Aids in place of bleach.

Right now, bleach might be a little challenging to find since everyone is buying them as well. No worries, Kool-Aid is a great replacement. Simply sprinkle Kool-Aid power around your toilet generously and allow the mixture to stay in place for about 60 minutes. Afterward, brush as you usually do and flush.

Get rid of shower scrum with lemons.

citrus bowl

Grimy shower doors are a thing too. How about a cleaning hack that doesn't need caustic cleaning products or a lot of your hours scrubbing them? Simply cut a lemon into halves and rub salt over them, then use as your scrubbing agents. The acid in your lemons and salt abrasives will remove all that soap scum quickly. You can also use grapefruit or vinegar if you don't have lemons.

Give your bathroom a good scrub with grapefruits.

Soap scum can be hard to get rid of from the bathroom, no wonder a lot of people spend most of their day cleaning the bathroom. However, you can make the process simpler with just grapefruits and salt. Just cut the grapefruit open and apply salt over it, then scrub away. By combing citric acid and abrasive salt, you can get rid of almost every grimy spot in your bathroom without spending your entire day there.

Vinegar works amazing wonders on showerheads.


Not a lot of us remember to wash the shower heads as much as we wash out toilets. It's no wonder a 2009 study found that showerheads are also hotbeds of bacteria. About 20 percent from the study were found with the perilous Mycobacterium avium, a known causative agent of critical respiratory problems. Fortunately, you can clean your shower heads with white vinegar. Simply fill a sandwich bag with it, and secure it over the showerhead with a rubber band. Let it sit in place overnight, and the grimes will wash away easily.

Wax paper fixes your sink fixtures.

Corrosion often makes our sinks look less clean than they are, but there's a way to make those sinks appear as good as new and spotless. After wiping your sink with your favorite cleanser (preferably an anti-bacteria product), scrub your handles and taps with wax paper. The wax in the papers serves as repelling agents and will help you prevent stains in the future.

Toothpaste for your tarnished silver tray

When out of silver cleaners, you can replace them with toothpaste. Toothpaste can help you make your discolored serving pieces sparkle again. Simply apply toothpaste over your silver items and wipe with a clean cloth to make your statement pieces gleam again.

Use newspapers to wipe your windows.

Instead of using paper towels on your windows and mirrors, use newspapers to clean them. Unlike paper towels, which leave frustrating bits of fluff behind, newspapers can make your mirrors and other glassy surfaces squeaky clean and streak-free. Simply use newspapers with your usual cleaning product, and that's all you need for a radiant shine.

Clean filthy windows screens with dish shampoo

No power washer insight? Just replace your regular dish detergent, and you can get your grubby window screens clean again. All that is needed now is to make a soapy mix with your soap and water and use it as your scrubbing solution. Once done, rinse with clear water and air-dry for a few hours before putting them back in again.

Vacuum your window blinds

When using a feather duster, you might watch your hours fade away while trying to finish that frustrating task of cleaning your window blinds. Luckily there's a way out. Simply use the upholstery accessory on your vacuum to you can cleanse every speck of dirt within minutes. You can use tumble dryer sheets as well to clean your window blinds.

Clean your couch with shaving cream

Getting rid of upholstery stains can be annoying – that pesky stain might require hours of dedication or shelling out a lot of dollars for professional stain removal. Fortunately, we've also got a cleaning solution for you. Simply apply a little of your shaving cream over the stain and allow it to stay in place for 30 minutes or more before blotting away. However, ensure you aren't using shaving gel as this won't work for you. Also, be sure to apply the shaving cream to a very tiny spot to be sure that it won't ruin your upholstery color.

Use dryer sheets to clean your baseboards.

Cleaning your baseboard is no enjoyable task – all that gunk trapped there can be an awful mess. To make your cleaning easier, attach a dryer sheet to your vacuum, and it will pick every speck of dirt and debris to give your home a refreshing scent.

Baking soda gives a refreshing aroma to your mattress.

We regularly clean your pillow and slipcases, but we forget to do the same to our mattress, creating hubs for bacteria. Fortunately, you can get rid of germs and allergens from your bed quickly. Simply vacuum your mattress and then apply baking soda sparingly around your mattress. Allow the baking soda to sit and do its magic in place for a few hours and then vacuum again. This should be performed at least monthly.

Use a lint roller on all tops to eliminate dust.

When it comes to picking up those specks of dirt, your feather duster may not be as effective. You should replace it with a sticky lint roller to catch every stubborn fleck or debris on your surfaces.

Dry cloth works better on TVs

lady cleaning television

Cleaning your TVs is a vital task to keep them working properly for a long time. However, using spraying chemicals or any other harsh product can do more harm than good. Instead, clean your TV-screen with a clean, dry fabric and make sure you don't apply too much pressure. For tougher stains, you should make the cloth a little damp before use.

Use a steam-iron and vinegar to get rid of stains.

Renting a carpet cleaner, every time you have carpet stains might be expensive (especially if you have kids or friends staying with you). Instead, you can deal with those stains by mixing one part of vinegar to three parts of water, rub over the stain. Then, cover the stain with a damp fabric and steam for 30 seconds.

Washing machines need a clean too.

washing machine

It's easy to think that our washing machines clean themselves, but that isn't true. According to a study in 2007, your regular wash with detergent isn't enough to get rid of contagious bacteria or viruses from your washing machines. To ensure that your washing machine is genuinely clean, run your machine with a spurt of bleach and hot water using the clean setting. This should get rid of all sorts of nasty microbes and get them back in top shape.

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