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5 Fascinating Ways You Can Use Your Face Mask

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Would you have ever thought that face masks would become a necessary accessory in your day-to-day outfit? Or did it ever cross your thoughts that your health and the health of the people around you would ever be dependent on a thin piece of fabric?

Facemasks are associated with medical practitioners, flu patients, pest control companies, and maybe those who work with house cleaning companies. However, the current global reality is that the coronavirus has made face masks necessary for everyone, and this practice has come to stay,– at least for a while.

At first, it seemed a little out of place to shop groceries or take a bus with a mask on your face. But surely, you now understand that beyond protecting your health, wearing face masks is also a way of acknowledging and appreciating the selfless acts of health workers battling the virus.

Since you have to wear a facemask whenever you step outside your home, wearing them doesn’t have to seem like a tiresome task. Below are some fascinating ways you can spice up your use of facemasks.

Keep Your Ear Safe

Wearing facemasks around the ears can often cause your ears (and sometimes your head) to begin to ache. This ache results when the loop is too tight on the muscles around your ear and head.

Rather than securing your facemask behind your ear, try using paperclips to hook it behind your head. You can also secure the ropes of your facemask on buttons sewn to any head accessory you wear.

Make It Fit

Everyone should be aware by now that the more securely your facemask sits on your face, the more protective it is for your health. While your facemask shouldn’t be overly tight, you can cross the facemask ropes over one another to get your facemask to fit appropriately.

Your Glasses Shouldn’t be Foggy

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Glasses complement your facemask to keep you safe from the coronavirus. Hence, it should always sit tight between your nose and facemask.

However, if your glasses are going to be as close to your nose and eyes as they should be, they should be sanitized regularly and free of fog.

You do not need the services of house cleaning companies to clean your glasses safely. Wash the glasses out with warm water and soap, and air-dry them appropriately before your next use. Do this every day, or whenever you engage in outdoor activities.

Make One for Yourself

Another exciting way of rocking facemasks is to customize one for yourself! All you’ll need is a bandana of your desired pattern, 2 to 4 hairbands, and a coffee filter.

Overlap two edges of the bandana with the filter placed nicely in between. Then use the hair bands to strap the mask to the back of your head.

Lace It With a Nice Fragrance

Let your facemask brighten and energize your day as you go about your daily activities. Lace it with any essential oil of your choice to keep your spirit lifted all day.

For example, inhaling Roman chamomile oil in your facemask will put you at ease even during the most stressful activities. In contrast, lemon oil will elevate your energy levels as you go about your daily activities. Although this pandemic is no fun by any means, we can at least try to add the unwanted garment as a part of a decorative wardrobe and have a little fun when possible.

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