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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Laundry Stains This Summer

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Summer is here, and clothes barely make it through one day without something spilling, dripping, running, or dropping on them. But you really do not have to convert your favorite piece of clothing into a stain-smeared rag.

How then do you remove stains that seem irremovable from your clothing? The tips below can be helpful.

Don’t Forget to Treat Before Actual Laundering

The best way to deal with stains this summer without a house cleaning service is to attend to them immediately they occur. As soon as that creamy coffee spills on your shirt, the most effective way to get rid of it is to start the removal process before the coffee stain dries up.

Sometimes, you may need to soak up the stain immediately or just wash the cloth out with water. At this point, rubbing is not required – it would only make the stain spread to other areas.

On the other hand, laundry detergents make it quite effortless to get rid of most stains in summer. By simply soaking up the stained cloth in soap and water, you’ll have the stains coming off very quickly.

Chewing Gum Smudge

To rid your clothes of chewing gum smudge, first, harden the gum with ice or icy water. Then using a blunt object, gently scrape off the gum or pick it off with your hands.

Soak whatever is left of the gum in a spot remover, rinse with clean water, and wash normally.

Crayon Stains

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First, remove some of the crayon wax by scraping with a blunt object. Next, dowse the cloth in a mixture of oxygen bleach and hot water. Then, launder the fabric in hot water while ensuring that the water is not too hot for the material.

Grease and Oil Stains

For grease, oil, and food smears, the best approach to loosening them from fabrics is by using liquid detergent.

Juice Spills

To restore your cloth from a juice stain, simply dip the fabric in cold water for some time. Next, add some laundry detergent (undiluted) or any pretreatment, then launder and air-dry when no stain is left.

Coffee Spills

Soak the coffee-stained cloth in cold water and then in a prewash stain remover. Wash until the stain is completely removed, then air-dry.

Sweat Stains

For sweat stains, first, soak the cloth in a pretreatment product and white vinegar. Rinse off the vinegar, and then launder fabric in oxygen bleach and hot water that is safe for the material.

Cosmetic Smear

Prewash fabric with liquid detergent and then wash in hot water that is ideal for the material.

Chocolate Stains

Prewash fabric in warm water and undiluted enzyme-containing laundry detergent. Then launder and dry.

Grass Smear

Soak the fabric in an enzyme-containing detergent in a washing machine set to presoak mode. Afterward, wash with oxygen bleach or chlorine bleach provided they’re safe for the fabric.

Tough Stains

If you want to eliminate bacteria from your laundry, chlorine bleaches are the most effective. If however, you only want to get rid of tough stains like colors and rust, oxygen bleach can come in handy.


Since you’re not using a house-cleaning service for stain removal, ensure that you understand every laundry rule.

  • Prevent fabric damage by fastening hooks, zipping zippers, closing buttons, and tying laces before washing.

  • Always separate dark-colored clothes from light-colored ones while laundering.

  • Use hot water only when stains are stubborn, and fabrics are durable and coarse.

  • Warm water is ideal for moderate stains and synthetic fabrics.

  • Coldwater protects fabrics and is ideal for light stains.

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