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Get Your Home Ready with these Home Cleaning Routines

It may surprise you to know that up to 80% of American residents do not thoroughly clean their homes at least twice every year. Even those who try to some cleansing do not go the extra mile to clean up hidden sites and not easily reached.

This inability to regularly deep-clean the home is quite understandable. To thoroughly clean up your living space, several hours of dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing would be required. And not everyone has much time to spare at once. A systematic strategy is what you need to spread those stressful hours of cleaning, having bugs sprayed by a pest control company, and maintain proper sanitation in your home.

Involve Every Member of Your Family

If you have a large family, doing the chores by yourself will take a toll on you. It can also make you postpone cleaning until your living space slowly becomes inhabitable continually.

To make cleaning easier, share the chores among the members of your family. Let each person understand the importance of keeping the home clean and contributing their quota in getting cleaning tasks completed.

First, take note of the chores that are to be done regularly – say weekly or biweekly – and then set up a routine for everyone. Each person's duty should be allocated based on their age and physical ability. Kids can assist with putting books, clothes, and toys in their proper places. Then teenagers and adults can carryout the vacuuming, scrubbing, and washing as the need arises.

To further make task allocation effective around the home, always reward those who comply and penalize defaulters. The penalties shouldn't be too strict. Grounding kids for a day or depriving them of screentime will serve as suitable penalties for a few hours.

Clean Difficult Spots Gradually

Cleaning places like ceiling cavities, cabinets, baseboards, fireplaces, and the attic at once can be laborious. Due to these places' constant omission during your day-to-day activities, they can accumulate dirt and grime and become challenging to clean up.

To tackle these problematic areas, spread the cleaning across several days or clean them up section by section. You can begin with cabinets doors the first day and proceed to their underneath and interior sections the next day. You can also dedicate one day to cleaning up your basement or the baseboards in your home every weekend.

Organize Your Cleaning Schedule

You forget the places to be cleaned and how frequent the cleaning should also make cleaning one hell of a duty. A handy schedule will not only make cleaning easy and achievable, but it will also ensure that you do not miss any spot as you clean up your home.

To better organize your cleaning, create a cleaning schedule that indicates the places to be cleaned and how often they should be cleaned. Also, break up tedious tasks into quick cleaning jobs, you can accomplish faster, and put the writing section. While sweeping the living should be done every day, you can wash the bathrooms every other day.

To ensure that you do not forget or mix up your cleaning schedule, position it in a frequently-accessed part of your home. The refrigerator and kitchen doors, as well as a wall in your dining area, will make perfect sites for placing a cleaning schedule.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies in Order

Keeping the supplies you clean within the order is one way to make cleaning easy around the home. Having your detergents, dirt removers, towels, and brooms in one place will save you the ultimate frustration of having to look for them whenever you want to clean.

Depending on how much storage space you have in the home, you'll want to allot some for your supplies. A lone cabinet in your laundry room or a compartment under your sink can serve as good garner for your cleaning kit. A movable cabinet is also a sound storage system that can make your tools easier as you clean.

Also, make it a habit to tag your removers if you make them yourself. Using a toilet washer for your kitchen sink is as disastrous as sprinkling metal shavings in your meals. You also want to try organizing each tool according to their area of use to avoid such mixups.

A Cleaning Agent Can Help

It is okay to try to save money, but not at the expense of your health and sanity. The moment of keeping your home clean begins to crush you, getting help may become paramount. You can hire a maid or a cleaning agent to make cleaning easier for you.

Upon hiring, you should both agree on which cleaning tasks they help will take up, as well as how often they will be done. This way, you can carry on with other activities, and your house will not suffer neglect.

It would help if you also shared your cleaning plans with your help. This would ensure that your home is cleaned according to your preference, and your day-to-day activities at home are not disrupted. You won't have to delay dinner simply because the help decided to start deep cleaning your kitchen cabinet late in the evening.

Finally, don't forget to consider your financial capability before allocating cleaning tasks to help. Tedious and time-consuming services usually cost more than quicker ones.


There is no hard-fixed rule guiding how the home should be cleaned. Different families use different methods to ensure that their homes are well-kept and habitable. Find what works for you, and stick to it.

To decide what cleaning method works for your home, ensure that it doesn't stress you out. Also, ensure that your preferred house cleaning method does not infringe upon the time allocated for other activities.

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