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House Cleaning Hacks To Keep Pests Away During The Summer

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During the Summer, nature becomes a breathtaking sight to behold. The leaves start to blossom green, and flowers also begin to beautify your garden with their lively colors. Unfortunately, pests even begin their endless search for food in Spring and Summer also. Bugs will not hesitate to infest any home with the resources to meet their nutritional needs.

Thankfully, the list below will help you keep your home thoroughly clean and inhabitable for pesky pests.

Take Out Trash from Your Yard

Right before pests get into your home, their first possible hideout is likely your yard. You have to make sure that your yard is utterly unconducive for them.

Keep bushes and tree branches far from the entrance to your home, and ensure that trash is not left around your yard – especially if you want to keep ants and cockroaches away. Also, get rid of standing water and ensure that all drainages are thoroughly cleaned out.

Do Away With Clutter

Many rodents and insects love to create their hideouts among clutters. Hence, ensure that there is no form of clutter in any part of your home. If there are too many items to store, use sealed containers, and then arrange them properly to avoid sending pests invitation into your home.

If there are clutters in your home that has accumulated for a long time, you can employ the help of a reputable house cleaning service to de-clutter for you.

Seal Your Doors and Windows

It is very reasonable to aerate your home as you clean up for Spring properly. Fresh air is indispensable. However, be sure that pests do not drift into your home, along with fresh air.

Be sure that your window screens are entirely sealed, and that there are no spaces around your window caulk. Also, make sure your doors are not damaged so that pests do not find any opportunity in your home.

Thoroughly Clean Out Your Kitchen Appliances

Food spills and residues – particularly underneath your kitchen appliances – create appealing spots for pests to settle in. After every meal preparation, always take your time to clean out your appliances. Unplug them, and move the movable ones to a clean spot before wiping out or vacuuming the floor where they’re positioned.

Also, wipe the body of your appliances after every use, and ensure that the entire kitchen floor is free from food spills and residue.

Disinfect Kitchen Surfaces

As you clean out your kitchen, do not leave out your counters, shelves, and stoves. Since these areas are always in contact with your food, you want to ensure that they’re always cleaned out.

Wipeout every kitchen surface before and after every meal preparation, and ensure that no food debris or spills are left on them. It is also advisable to disinfect these surfaces before using them because insects and rodents are likely to get them contaminated.

In conclusion, you can pay for house cleaning services to have your house cleaned out for Spring. Still, you’ll need to take deliberate steps to ensure that you’re not just cleaning your home for pests to infest later. Remember the hiring of a Pest Control Company, is always a great way to accompany the cleaning services.

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