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How to Clean Up After an Infestation

How to Clean Up After an Infestation

If you have had a pest infestation eliminated recently from your property, you’re only halfway through the issue. Infestations can affect more than one location in your home, and sometimes it can take weeks or months to clean up thoroughly, based on how severe the infestation was.

There are various cleaning techniques used, depending on which pest type was causing the problem. However, we have some simple tips for you, whether you need to clean up a single room or the entire house.

Cleaning Up After Fleas

If you had a flea problem caused by your pet, a piece of furniture, or something else, cleanup could take a while. Getting your pet flea-free or getting rid of whatever caused the infestation is your number one priority here.

If it was your pet that had fleas, they are likely to have spread into your couches, beds, carpets, and other soft furnishings. Fleas are not large like some household pests you might see scuttling around, so you don’t want to miss any fleas or eggs while cleaning up.

If you do miss some, your place is going to be re-infested in no time. This is why you need pest control professionals to help with the cleanup.

They will need to spray every fabric surface where the fleas might have laid their eggs. The spray needs time to work effectively, and then a steam cleaner and high-powered vacuum are required in order to get your chairs, beds, couches, carpets, and rugs sparkling clean and pest-free.

Cleaning Up After Cockroaches

Bacteria is one of the issues after a cockroach elimination treatment. These nasty bugs can infest every part of your house, although bathrooms and kitchens are usually the worst affected. This means you have to disinfect every aspect of the property where cockroaches might have been.

First, you should wipe down cabinets, countertops, pantry shelves, tabletops, and so forth, using your preferred cleaner.

A bleach and warm water solution or disinfectant wipes would work for this. Use the same cleaner to mop your floors, or use a steam mop to eradicate any germs on those surfaces.

All your carpets should be vacuumed to eliminate dead roaches or roach feces left after the treatment. After that, you might like to follow up with a carpet shampooer to clean deeper. These can be rented or bought.

Cleaning Up After Spiders

Even after the completion of spider eradication, there will be plenty of evidence that they were there. You will find webs in floor and ceiling corners, in windows, behind radiators, and underneath furniture.

Secure a washcloth to the end of a broom handle and use this to reach cobwebs in high corners. A standard broom is useful to knock down cobwebs on walls and in corners. If anything is left afterward, you can use a wet washcloth or cleaning wipe to shine the surfaces back up and remove any last traces of the webs.

Cleaning Up After Ants

It is relatively easy to clean up after a pest control team has eradicated your ant infestation. You need to sweep up or vacuum any dead ants. After that, make sure you clean up any spills or crumbs right away so they are not attracted back into your house in the future.

But First - You Need to Eradicate the Pests!

Regardless of what kind of pests you have, Imperial Pest Prevention is here to help. We offer free consultations and evaluations and use safe and effective treatments to eradicate all sorts of infestations. No job is too big or small. Call us at (386) 956-9506 and make an appointment with us today. We will help ensure your house is pest-free and protected!

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