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How to Remove Stubborn Grease from your Home

How to Remove Stubborn Grease from your Home

The kitchen is one of the busiest parts of the house, especially for people who love to make their food at home. The need to provide food for everyone in the family makes it inevitable for the kitchen to become soiled with stubborn greasy stains. Removing grease is one of the most challenging aspects of home cleaning. This is why we use a wide range of suitable products to remove grease from our clients' homes and leave their houses sparkling clean.

Simple ways to remove grease in your home

When cleaning grease, our team uses a collection of products that have proven effective over time. Depending on the greasy stains' severity, we may use simple dishwashing soap and water; gentle but effective green cleaner like BETCO Green Earth Degreaser, or more concentrated cleaning agents like Formula 409 Purpose Cleaner.

When cleaning your kitchen, our technicians start using a mixture of dish soap and warm water in a bucket. This mixture is effective in cleaning all kinds of dirt- especially grease. Using a soft, strong microfiber scrubbing cloth, our technicians use this solution to clean off every grease in your kitchen. Besides its safety and efficiency, another upside of this soap and water solution is that you can also use it to clean other surfaces. It doesn't cause any damage or discoloration as may happen when you use spray cleaners.

When dealing with tougher grease- for instance, in microwaves, stovetops, vent hoods, and backsplashes- we spray Green Earth degreaser on the surface and leave it for 5-10 minutes while we continue cleaning other spots. After the designated time, when the degreaser must have worked its magic on the surface, our technicians return to clean it off with the soap and warm water mixture.

If it's your first time hiring professionals to do a deep cleaning of your home, you may have stubborn grease accumulated in specific areas that may seem impossible to remove. Well, you no longer have to worry about any of these because we have the solution. Our technicians use Formula 409 cleaner to dissolve heavier greases. This cleaner is more effective for handling heavy grease than Green Earth degreaser, and it is also non-toxic; hence it is safe to use around pets and kids, and it is none poisonous around food.

When greasy stains have built over time, it takes more time to scrub and clean them off. If the stain is on oven interiors, we could use Easy-Off oven cleaner to achieve a great result. Generally, it takes consistent cleaning overtime to completely remove tough grease that has baked on for a prolonged period.

Ideally, when it comes to greasy stains, prevention is always better than seeking solutions, but if you're already caught up with this stubborn stain, then we can help you clean it off and make your kitchen and entire home sparkling clean again.

How to prevent and tackle greasy stains in your home

  1. Clean the surface of your stove each time you use it. As stated earlier, the best way to handle grease is by preventing it. Hence if you want to have a grease-free kitchen, you must have to clean your stove each time you cook a meal with it.

  2. Use dish soap to clean the stovetop and microwave. Dish soaps are formulated with chemicals that quickly eliminate grease, so using them to wash dishes, clean microwaves, sinks, stovetops, and other surfaces helps eliminate grease.

  3. Add citrus oil to your dish soap: Apart from the pleasant smell that orange essential oil adds to your dish soap and water, it also has cleaning properties that make it easy to clean off grease.

  4. Use flour to absorb recent grease spills: When grease spills on surfaces, sprinkling flour on the spill will absorb the grease and make the cleaning easier.

  1. Remove grease from fabric using rubbing alcohol and salt: If you have a grease stain on fabrics that you can't put in the washing machine, such as your couch or rug, you can clean it off with a mixture of rubbing alcohol and salt. Using a clean towel dipped into the mixture, scrub the fabric hard until the grease comes off. Allow the surfaces to dry, and then vacuum off the salt particles.

  1. Baking soda and water: This mixture helps remove grease from pans and pots, as the alkaline state of baking soda makes it ideal for dissolving grease. Sprinkle some baking soda (or soda water) into a small bowl of warm water, and use it to wash off the grease on your pot or pan.

  2. Finally, regularly cleaning your house is the best way to avoid grease buildup and other stains Always remember to hire a pest control companies services, as grime and grease build up attracts bugs.

We can help you clean your kitchen and home and make it so clean that you'll be proud to show it off. Call us today to create a suitable home cleaning plan for you.

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