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Keeping Blinds Dust Free

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Thorough cleaning of your blinds is a chore you shouldn’t skip, especially in the spring or fall. Sometimes, cleaning is hardly complete without thorough cleaning of the blinds. You can have a house cleaning company come in and give your blinds a deep cleaning at least twice a year.

Cleaning blinds involves paying detailed attention to every blind, giving each one deep cleaning. The idea behind deep cleaning the curtains is to reduce the amount of dust that lingers in the air around the home.

Your blinds trap dust, even more, when they are horizontal blinds as it is easier for the dust to settle and stick to them. Also, pulling them off with a duster isn’t easy. In such a case, you’d realize that a quick dusting is just not enough.

Dusting techniques

There are cases where your window blinds would require only a firm dusting. You have to inspect each blind to determine if it needs to be dusted or hand wiped. You can dust out the loose dust, but stubborn dust that has been sitting on the surface will require hand wiping.

The perfect tool for pulling dust off the horizontal blinds is the lamb’s wool duster or any other long dusting tool.

How do you do it?

  • Hold the duster straight up and place it on the topmost blind. Apply gentle pressure while running it across the surface of the blind to pull off the dust.

  • Then, hold the duster horizontally, laying it against the blinds close to the top and then pull it down to the bottom.

  • Start again from one side of the blinds, work your way across, and dust all sections.

  • Continue the sectional dusting until you finish dusting the entire blind surface.

Again, if you can’t handle it, it would be best to hire the service of a house cleaning company.

Hand wiping techniques

Using actual wipe down on blinds is not an uncommon practice. Remember that heat and sun can cause dust to stick and get baked unto blind surfaces. Therefore, it may be necessary to wipe them individually.

If your blind is as described above and requires intensive cleaning, here are tools you will need:

  • Cleaner

  • Clean rags

  • Step ladder (especially if the blinds are high)

How do you do intensive dusting?

Get your supplies ready and make your way to the first set of blinds you want to clean.

  • Step on to your ladder and start with the topmost blind.

  • Spray the blinds with your cleaning solution. Spray the amount that will be enough to loosen dust from the blind surfaces.

  • Use your rag and start dusting from the topmost blind cleaning from one side of the blind to another.

  • Once you are done with one blind, move on to the next one below it. Work your way down gradually from top to bottom.

  • Be careful not to push the blinds down too much, so you don’t pull all of them down.

While hand wiping might seem time-consuming, it is the most efficient way of ensuring that the home is kept clean, and every house cleaning company ought to offer it as a primary home cleaning service.

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