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Have you ever wondered how to wash your pillows? After stripping your bed of sheets and the pillow of its cover, does it feel odd to leave the stained pillow behind? Maybe you’ve washed it in the past, and you’re looking for a better way to do so?

Washing your pillow doesn’t have to be an arduous chore. There’s a simple way to wash your bed pillows and keep them clean and fresh often. Using these simple steps, you can form a habit and keep your home free of germs and dirt. Here’s what you can do:

How to Wash and Dry Your Pillow?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to launder your pillow effectively:

  1. Use a washing machine and dryer to launder your pillows. However, be careful with laundering foam and latex pillows.

  2. To wash your pillow, strip it of all pillow covers and launder them separately.

  3. Wash your pillows with a little quantity of mild powder detergent. If it’s too stained for the detergent, you can add a whitener to give it the natural whiteness again. Use warm water to get better results.

  4. For a more balanced washing, put wash two pillows at the same time. If your machine is big enough, you can wash three pillows together. Doing this will help the detergent and water mingle thoroughly.

  5. Set the washing machine on the shortest possible setting to avoid overstressing the pillows. A gentle cycle is the best option.

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6. After the washing machine is done running its cycle, allow the pillow to run through the spin cycle to rid it of lingering detergent.

7. After washing your pillows, dry them thoroughly using a dryer set for moderate heat. You can always add a couple of tennis balls in the dryer to speed things up and adjust the pillows at intervals to ensure that dry evenly.

8. For foam and latex pillows, dry them in the sun until they’re completely rid of water. Using the drier can cause them to melt, and they’ll lose their natural fluffy feel.

9. Pillows usually have label instructions, following them will make your laundering more effective.

Tips to Keeping Your Pillow Clean

  1. Always use a pillowcase and a pillow protector. The pillow covers help you keep your pillow clean while protecting your pillow from absorbing germs, bugs, plus oil from your skin. You can wash all the accumulated microbes off the next time you launder.

  2. Form a habit of laundering your pillowcases every week.

  3. Fluff your pillow regularly. Use your hands to beat them up a bit to keep them in good shape.

  4. Experts recommend washing your pillows at least twice a year.

  5. Pillows are not supposed to be used forever. Whenever your pillow begins to crumble and sag, replace it with a new one. A good pillow will help you sleep better.

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Cleaning your home is a practice you should undertake regularly. The bed pillow is also an essential part of your bedding, and you should consider caring for it as you would care for your clothing. Pillows can house germs and bugs, and these are dangerous for your skin and your health since you rest your head on the pillow every night.

If you’re a busy person and need help with keeping your home clean, consider hiring a house cleaner. Hiring a cleaning company such as Daytona Beach Cleaning Company will put the cleaning of your house in the hands of professionals who will ensure that your house equipment, including the pillows, are kept clean and fresh.

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