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Tips to Help Reduce the Coronavirus in your Home


As the well-known coronavirus continues to sweep the nation and world from state to state, people are seeking ways to disinfect their homes and protect their families and loved ones.

We all know the importance of proper handwashing and the avoidance of close contact with people who may have symptoms of sickness, however, there is something else you can do, a Deep-Clean Service of your home.

The coronavirus is transmitted via respiratory droplets according to the CDC who also suggests it "may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials."

With the rise of panic and alarm due to the coronavirus, cleaning services are becoming more and more sought after. These guidelines are written off of suggestions from the Center for Disease Control of a proper Deep Cleaning Service.

Clean First, Disinfect Later

Cleaning = the removal of germs from surfaces typically by use of wiping those surfaces. Disinfecting = The use of appropriate chemicals that kill germs on surfaces. Both of these techniques can lower the risk of infections spreading. However, one should be done before the other, CLEAN FIRST then DISINFECT LATER.

Clean and Disinfect Locations that are Frequently Touched

Switchplates, doorknobs, deadbolts, light switches, cell phones, countertops, and toilets are excellent starting points. Before disinfecting soiled surfaces, clean them by wiping or scrubbing with detergent or soap and water.

For disinfecting, many disinfectants are available from household cleaners containing bleach solutions, or those containing appropriate levels of alcohol. It is important to use products within expiration dates. It is also imperative to read labels of the products you use as some can not be mixed.

Use Proper Personal Protection Gear

When cleaning, it is important to protect yourself from chemicals or those germs you are cleaning. Wear disposable chemical resistant gloves and discard them after each use.

Always properly wash hands immediately after the used gloves are removed. Gloves should be removed by pulling them off away from your body in an inside out motion avoiding the contaminated parts of the glove from touching your skin.

It is also important to follow the label of the cleaning products you use as some may require additional personal protection gear.

Clean Laundry on the hottest setting allowed by the labels of the linens

Do not disturb dirty laundry, as that can spread viruses through the air and cross-contaminate other locations of the home. Use the hottest appropriate water setting for washing the laundry according to the labels of those particular linens. It is also recommended to dry them as well on the highest possible heat setting.

It is also imperative to properly wash your hands afterward to help reduce germs and viruses.

Deep Cleaning Company

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Deep Cleaning is a tedious process, not many homeowners can devote the time to doing this properly. If you find your schedule does not allow you the time to handle this, it is best to consider hiring a professional cleaning company. Imperial Cleaning Services offers Deep Cleaning Services, Move-in and Out Cleaning Services, and regularly scheduled cleaning services for those in need. Call us at (855) 95 KLEEN to schedule your cleaning or any questions you may have. We also offer Pest Control from Imperial Pest Prevention.

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