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What is commercial kitchen cleaning, and why does it matter?

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Most schools and businesses have commercial kitchens. You can find this kind of kitchen in traditional cafes and restaurants. They are not like your conventional residential kitchen but are higher in terms of size and level of cleanliness.

Here, we will talk about how commercial kitchens differ from your typical residential kitchens, why they should be maintained in a clean state, and why you should use a professional cleaning service.

How are restaurant kitchens different from residential kitchens?

Commercial kitchens are not the same as residential kitchens. For a start, unlike the residential kitchen, commercial kitchens have legal regulations that they have to comply with as they specialize in preparing food for public consumption.

A commercial kitchen has to be fitted with many cooking stations. These stations will be in line with what is being prepared in the kitchen. For instance, there should be a cooking station, baking, grilling, frying station amongst other stations.

Another feature of a commercial kitchen is that it has to be spacious enough to accommodate the various stations' workers. It is also more equipped with cooking utensils and equipment like microwaves, sinks, refrigerators, freezers, ovens, stoves, etc.

One can say that there is a lot more activity going on in a commercial kitchen compared to a residential kitchen; hence, the need for more regular and smooth cleaning.

Why is it so important to keep restaurant kitchens clean?

As commercial kitchens are being used for longer duration and more people working there, it is necessary to have it cleaned and maintained. If it is not appropriately cleaned and taken care of, the kitchen appliances are much likely not to last for long.

When there is an accumulation of grease, and oily particles on parts of the kitchen appliances, the stove grates, for instance, the stove's heating ability will be impaired. This can even lead to a fire outbreak in the kitchen.

Also, not cleaning kitchen sinks and counters properly can cause rusting. It predisposes to bacterial growth and increases the cost of maintenance.

What is vapor steam cleaning?

Vapour steam cleaning is an effective cleaning method adopted for cleaning commercial kitchens. It is versatile and doesn't involve chemicals; instead, it consists of the heating and high pressurizing of water, which is expelled as vapor.

The vapor, which is expelled under high pressure, penetrates quickly into surfaces, dislodging dirt and killing harmful bacteria molds, and other unhealthy contaminants.

Why should you hire an industrial cleaning service for your business?

Having a clean environment for a commercial kitchen is vital as it ensures that your customers eat healthy meals and get the best dining experience. In some commercial kitchens, the staff is solely responsible for cleaning the kitchen. While this helps save cost for such commercial kitchens, it might be overbearing for the team.

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company works better for a commercial kitchen. Such a company takes the burden of cleaning off your staff and even does a better, cleaner, and more efficient cleaning and disinfecting kitchen. Our team is dedicated to offering high-quality services and will give your commercial kitchen a touch of professional cleaning.

However, for daily routine cleaning, your staff will surely need a handy checklist to help them stay on track as they do the cleaning. It will help if you employ a pest control company to ensure every nook and cranny of the kitchen areas are not only kept clean but remain bug-free as well.

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